Monday, 10 May 2010


This feels like the FirstDay of school, you know when you arrive and everyone else has friends and you dont. Not that I'm hinting or anything...
Anyways, this is my first blog - how exciting ! I had my 5th exam today,Computing. Was rather easy
Today I wore my god dame ugly uniform.BUT! to do it up a bit, I wore tartan flats that were like£7 from Primark, score!

And my gorgeous leather biker jacket. I actually adore that mother fucker.
Now I'm wearing my pjs ! Woo hoo ! But I don't like matching pjs I sorta have my own. The now it's a blue top with crazy letters that say 'We Just Wanna Have Fun' I love it ! It was on SALE for £2 out of Zara (my fav store) Although I wear it so much that there is Rosy Lips Vaseline stains on it.
 And grey hotpant shorts as it is sunny outside (: Minus the fact that I am inside but hey ! It's not as if I'm sitting inside with sun glasses on, folks.

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