Saturday, 3 July 2010

Summer has finally begun! Which means the layers are coming off and the sun lotion is going on!
I'm so happy it's summer already, this summer is going to be so relaxing as exams are over,bliss.
But I need to admit something, I'm already planning outfits for the Fall,haha.
I have events coming up during the Summer so I can posts pictures of my outfits and don't forgot to follow me on twitter (@niamhfrances) to see what I'm up to all the time. If you have twitter tweet me and I'll follow you back x Please start leaving comments and blog suggestions, I would love to hear you're opinions. I know my page is rather shit at the moment but I kinda lost this and I only now just realised where to find it,haha. I'll "do it up" as soon as I can.
Well thats all for now I'll post more blogs next week,

Niamh xoxo

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