Thursday, 29 July 2010

It's that time of year!

These are my latest buys from the Zara Sale for school, I basically wiped
out the whole store !
This gorgeous navy pleated skirt.
I LOVE this cardigan ! It came in several colours
this one is black. The reason I love it so much is because
of the elbow pads, I got very excited when I found this!

I wanted a long sleeved shirt this year as well as a puff sleeve
that I have every year. And I wasn't sure if I would find one or
not but it turns out they are popular this season as there was
like five different types in Topshop but I decided this one
from Zara was better quality and a very good fit.

How amazing are these shorts?!
I've never really seen any shorts for school that I thought
were suitable until now.
These beauties are high waisted and are a decent length so I don't
look like a tart, as I have seen a lot of girls wearing shorts and
looking tarty ! :S

I got a simple black body con skirt, which I surprisingly love!
I see these everywhere and never really wanted one
but after the women at Warehouse told me to try it on while
I was in the changing room (got the fright of my life!)
I decided it look really good on, and I have hips therefore
it suited me very well and it's also super comfy!!

That's all I have so far I'll post my bag and shoes (I'm thinking brogues) as soon as I buy them.

Love, N xox


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  2. Hey, thank you so much for following me, I really appreciate it ;) anyway I've done a little shopping for the new school year as well :D and you bought some great stuff! xx Simona